JSA Worksheet

JSABuilder is an online tool to create and manage an organization’s JSAs. Our program offers an easy way to create high-quality, professional JSAs, by taking users step by step through a series of questions. Starting from scratch, new JSA (Job Safety Analysis) worksheets take users about 45 minutes to create, and a shorter time to modify a template to make a new worksheet. JSABuilder was designed for single users, as well as for large companies where personnel may be in different physical or geographic locations. Safety solutions and JSA knowledge can be shared, by having one central location where JSAs are reviewed, edited, and copied. The program also offers the ability to set up internal review and approval protocols. As you are creating JSAs, you have access to comprehensive lists of hazards and controls, which you can customize and add to. The program can even suggest consequences based on the hazards you have selected. In the chemical hazards section, for instance, there is a list of commonly used industrial chemicals, their associated health hazards and CAS number. There are a number of government agencies and municipalities that use this program for their safety documentation needs. This database-based system for JSAs is a bit more robust and dynamic than using Excel or Word. JSABuilder offers an easy way to create high-quality, professional JSAs, which can distinguish your company from others

When creating a JSA worksheet on JSABuilder, there is a series of eight steps; the first step is the “Worksheet Setup.” In this step you will insert the worksheet number or identifier, the project’s name, tile of the job or task, and include what department of your organization it falls under. Then, the types of hazards are selected by category; which include, physical, chemical, biological, and radiological hazards.

Keep in mind, to move onto the next step on JSABuilder, click the “Next” button. If you need to stop in the middle of creating a JSA worksheet, always make sure to click the “Save” button so your work will be saved, and you can continue working on your JSA later.

The second step is the “General Information” where you will type in the location(s) of the specific job, person(s) performing the job, date of the hazard analysis, date the task will be performed, and duration. Our program remembers what you type in and adds your data to your account’s database. For example, if your site of the task is in Los Angeles, when you are entering in the location on a future worksheet, it will remember that site. In a new worksheet, when you start to type the letter “L,” all locations that have previously been entered starting with “L” will appear for you to simply click on. The data that is stored will save you an ample amount of time when creating your JSAs! In this step you can also include the reviewing/approval process. You have the option to select a reviewer to be notified via email to review your job safety analysis once it has been completed. The reviewer will also have a separate “Awaiting Approval” tab under the “Manage Worksheets” page. An additional feature to this step is the blank text box that allows you to add any other information that applies to the task.

In the third step, “Physical Hazards,” you will select all the potential physical hazards that are associated with the job you are creating the Job Safety Analysis for. If there is a hazard in mind that you do not see provided, you have the option to include your own hazards. JSABuilder is customizable! On the right-hand side of the table, you will find the option to rate the probability and severity of your selected hazards. Keep in mind, if you select the probability and severity for one of your previously selected hazards, then you need to rate the rest of your selected hazards as well. It is an all or nothing feature! You can base the probability and severity on controls already implemented or base on controls not in use. We advise you to decide at the beginning of creating an account and stick to one method, so all your worksheets follow the same protocol and avoid confusion. Once the physical hazards are all applied, you select the potential consequences of each hazard. To save even more time, you can simply click the “Suggest Consequences” button to automatically select the consequences based on your hazards above.

The fourth step of the JSA worksheet is “Chemical Hazards” if chemical hazards were selected in the first step, “Worksheet Setup.” In this step you will use the Chemical Finder to search our database of the most common industrial chemicals. If you do not find a chemical you are looking for in our database, you can add in your own! For each chemical you will find a brief description, its CAS Number, and associated health hazards. This information was compiled by a team of safety professionals from the CAMEO database maintained by the U.S. EPA, NOAA and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Step five and six, “Biological Hazards” and “Radiological Hazards,” are like step three in creating a JSA worksheet. If these types of hazards were selected in the first step, “Worksheet Setup,” you will complete these steps just as you did in step three. You will identify your hazards for the job, rate the probability and severity if you wish, and then identify the consequences; or have the program do some of the work for you and click “Suggest Consequences!”

The seventh step is “Hazard Controls,” where you select the control measures used for the specific job. The hazard controls are broken into five different categories; administrative controls, engineering controls, training, personal protective equipment, and permits. Just like steps five and six, you can customize this step by adding in your own controls at the bottom of each section.

If you would like to permanently add or delete a hazard, consequence, or control; you can do this under the ADMIN tab on the left-hand column under “Hazards,” “Consequences,” or “Controls.” Here you can also customize permissions to users.

The final step is “Job Description,” where you describe each task of the job and provide the recommended safe job procedures. Each step’s hazards will also be included. You have the option to include up to 3 images for each step to help ensure employees’ understanding of each JSA created. The step builder is user friendly, allowing you to modify and delete steps as you go, or modify in the future as needed.

Get on top and distinguish your organization from others by starting a 30-day free trial account! Create a couple of Job Safety Analysis and see if the program is a good fit for your safety needs. You can do this by going to JSABuilder.com and filling out the “Free 30-Day Trial” box in the upper right-hand corner.